Psychology is soul logic and a birth chart is the users manual. Or map.
And you only need to learn 3 astrological essentials to read it:

Imagine your mind is a melody. . .

PLANETS are the notes
ASPECTS are their arrangements
SIGNS are the instruments

In psycheological terms...
Planets generate the psychological frequencies that embody the psyche;
Aspects are conduits that connect, blend and modify the frequencies;
Signs are the prism of elemental archetypes that color the frequencies.

To use an alphabet analogy, the 10 Planets, 6 Aspects & 12 Signs are the 28 letters of the soul [psyche]. Once committed to memory, like a five year old learns to read, you can begin to sound out any birth chart like an open book.

A quick keyword list of the Planets, Aspects & Signs...

So everyone's heard of Planets & Signs, but who's ever heard of Aspects, right? Just everyone! It's the full moon, when the Sun & Moon form an opposition aspect and shit happens. Who knew?


You know yourself well through life experience, but there's nothing quite like seeing your strengths & challenges confirmed on a birth chart. It brings potent new levels of confidence & insight and dissolves any doubt, which can't be overstated. But the lines & glyphs are initially puzzling and imo too clinical for such a profound subject, so I designed an easy to read BirthPrint where the Planets, Aspects & Signs come alive with meaning!

birth chart ...................................... birthprint

Astrology should be easily accessible to everyone and you could say it's both the alphabet & mathematics of the soul. Planets gave us the clock & calendar and offer so much more; mathematics, phonetics & astrology are all ancient fundamental systems that guide the evolution of humanity.

If you're curious about the ascendant [rising sign] & accompanying house system, here is an overview.*
They do require an exact birth time to calculate, which many people don't know, but it's thankfully not essental information. Planets, Aspects & Signs are the only essentials in astrology and no one is left out.
And *BirthPrints can be calculated with the ascendant [natal] or without it [solar].

The building blocks of everything under the sun.

conscious frequencies:
SUN I am: will ~ heart ~ ego
MOON I feel: emotion ~ intuition ~ instinct
MERCURY I think: intellect ~ reason ~ discernment
VENUS I desire: desire ~ magnetism ~ creativity/procreativity
MARS I assert: drive ~ assertion ~ strength/sexuality

subconscious frequencies:
JUPITER I expand: aspiration ~ faith/joy ~ optimism ~ expansive
SATURN I contract: discipline ~ caution/fear ~ pessimism ~ contractive

unconscious frequencies:
URANUS I reveal : divine revelation ~ genius ~ [r]evolution
NEPTUNE I inspire: divine inspiration ~ imagination ~ transcendance
PLUTO I will: divine will ~ regeneration ~ transformation

Connect, blend & modify planetary frequencies

CONJUNCTION: 0°: integrating; strengthening
SEXTILE: 60°: facilitating; balancing
SQUARE: 90°: frictional; challenging
TRINE:120°: harmonizing; mellowing
QUINCUNX: 150°: driving; frustrating
OPPOSITION: 180°: polarizing; separating
[2°-9° orbs of influence]

A prism of elemental archetypes that color the planetary frequencies...

ELEMENTS: fire ~ earth ~ air ~ water
assertive ~ grounded ~ intellectual ~ emotional;
MODALITIES: cardinal ~ fixed ~ mutable
active ~ focused ~ adaptable;
POLARITIES: negative & positive or yin & yang
ie: female & male..[please don't call the woke police]

ARIES; yang: assertive ~ impulsive ~ headstrong cardinal fire
TAURUS; yin: sensual ~ focused ~ nurturing ~ loyal fixd earth
GEMINI; yang: communicative ~ mercurial ~ highstrung mutable air
CANCER; yin: sensitive ~ moody ~ reactive cardinal water
LEO; yang: creative ~ strong-willed ~ affectionate fixed fire
VIRGO; yin: analytical ~ practical ~ hard-working mutable earth
LIBRA; yang: charming ~ fairminded ~ broadminded cardinal air
SCORPIO; yin: passionate ~ private ~ intense fixed water
SAGITTARIUS; yang: candid ~ good-natured ~ philosophical mutable fire
CAPRICORN; yin: tenacious ~ disciplined ~ ambitious cardinal earth
AQUARIUS; yang: inventive ~ rebellious ~ independent fixed air
PISCES; yin: imaginative ~ intuitive ~ sensitive mutable water

Still more on the Planets, Aspects & Signs

Planetary frequencies make the world go round; we're immersed in an ocean of energy that influences our psyches, relationships and time itself, but it's free will that determines our direction.

PLANETS: Psycheological frequencies
ASPECTS: Conduits that blend & modify the frequencies*
SIGNS: Elemental color that infuses the frequencies
* integrative, facilitative, challenging, harmonious, driving or polarizing

PLANETS: Psycheological frequencies of each individual
ASPECTS: Conduits that connect & modify their frequencies*
SIGNS: Elemental color chemistry of their frequencies
* integrative, facilitative, challenging, harmonious, driving or polarizing

PLANETS: Moving frequencies above & stationary frequencies within
ASPECTS: Conduits from frequencies above to frequencies within*
SIGNS: Elemental color blend of frequencies above to frequencies within
* integrative, facilitative, challenging, harmonious, driving or polarizing

I was washing my year-old dishes and it occurred to me that I haven't broken any yet, a record since my birth aspects bring a high probability of breakage
if my concentration wavers for a millisecond. I'd chosen a perfectly placid celestial moment to place the order and so far so good. More evidence
that everything is energy and astrology is the users manual.

If you prefer the guidance of a professional astrologer, knowing
your BirthPrint will provoke deeper questions & expanded insights.
And if you know a Jungian analyst who utilizes astrology, all the better!

Remember that 'A-HA!' moment when you sounded out your first word?
Reading your first BirthPrint is like that. And though we all generally experience our inner landscape as a whole, we're often aware of its
separate parts, and some of us are more aware than others.

The comic above captures the most common internal division we all feel sometimes. And the head & heart correlate to the Sun & Moon, two of the 10 frequencies we all share in unique patterns that mirror the sky at birth. Planetary frequencies are the engine of consciousness and the deeper
you go, the more interesting it gets.

As Above, So Within

The human mind may be 90% unconscious - YIKES! - but we all have windows into the depths and a few of us have revolving doors. And they're created by aspects [conduits] from the conscious mind to the sub- and unconscious mind. Simple and profound.

And nothing sinks in better than repetition, so here's a quick review...

sun ~ moon ~ mercury ~ venus ~ mars
IE: will ~ emotion ~ intellect ~ desire ~ drive
The mundane mind and the surface story of everything.

jupiter ~ saturn
IE: faith optimism expand ~ fear pessimism contract
Records & regulates your life experience.
nicknamed Yahweh & Satan along the way

uranus ~ neptune ~ pluto
IE: divine mind ~ divine inspiration ~ divine will
Aligned with the Creator and guided by your eternal spirit.

{the revolving door]
CONJUNCTION 0°: Full integration creates an expansive dynamic.

{they just love you, that's all}
SEXTILE 60°: A positive, energetic flow and a fabulous motivator.

TRINE 120°: A harmonious flow with easy instincts and no demands.

[thwarting them makes for a bumpier ride]
SQUARE 90°: Annoying friction, like an itch only straining can reach.

QUINCUNX 150°: A driving impulse with no map, only a vague intuition.

OPPOSITION 180°: A see-saw, up & down & never the twain shall blend.

And we haven't even gotten to the Signs yet, the third & final essential to consider. So we'll dip the frequencies in their elemental color as we're getting the inside scoop.

It's common to begin a BirthPrint analysis with the Sun/ego, the central frequency, and work your way down. Or you can go where your eyes lead you, because what's prominent on the BirthPrint is usually prominent in the psyche.

For example, the conjunction is the strongest aspect by far and planets in conjunction do and should attract the eye. Also prominent is any planet with four or more aspects springing from it, which means lots of complex energy packed into that planetary frequency. Here are two stark examples...

There are infinite stories the planetary aspects tell and the best way to learn is to just do it. So here is a keyword list of 242 aspect blends {!!} to keep in your back pocket while peering into the psyches of some intriguing people...

that's what she said!
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