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A birth chart is the users manual of the soul, but only astrologers can read them, so I designed the BirthPrint to display the planets, aspects & signs as graphics, which comes alive with meaning for all...

BirthPrint & birth chart

The 3 Essential Basics of Astrology...

solar birthprint & natal birthprint

Your BirthPrint includes an overview of the Planets, Aspects & Signs, so you can begin the empowering process of reading it yourself - no more middle-man! Your BirthPrint will be emailed and posted on a webpage with a private address, so you can access it anytime, anywhere.

A sliding scale fee will be used for the foreseeable future that meets just about any budget in these challenging times.

#1: Solar BirthPrint $10-$20-$30

#2: Natal BirthPrint: $15-$30-$45
requires an exact birth time

An analysis by myself w/sliding-scale can be ordered now or at any time:

#3: Solar BirthPrint 2-page analysis by Linda: $10-$20-$30

#4: Natal BirthPrint 3-page analysis by Linda: $15-$30-$45
requires an exact birth time

To place an order is just two simple steps..

STEP ONE: email me with the recipient's following info:
Birthdate: day/month/year
*Exact or approximate birth time
[if it's unknown, noon will be used]
Birthplace: city/state/country
Email address(es) to send it to
And be sure to include the order #[s]:
#1: $10-$20-$30
#2: $15-$30-$45
#3: $10-$20-$30
#4: $15-$30-$45
all sliding scale

STEP TWO: Please post your payment to:, at:

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Once I receive your payment I'll email your confirmation. Then I'll create your order & email the page link and jpeg[s] to the recipient within 1-3 business days; overnight orders by request when doable; no extra $.

Feel free to email with any questions.

The ascendant is the sign rising on the horizon at the time of birth, also known as the rising sign. Your ascendant is your persona, your public face, which may compliment, amplify, subdue or even mask your planetary frequencies.

Your ascendant also determines which houses your planets occupy on the 12 house wheel of life. Each of the 12 houses reflects specific life issues, and the houses your planets occupy are a major focus in your life.

But... the ascendant and planet/house placements require an exact birth time to calculate, which many people don't know; and just a few minutes off can mean dramatically wrong data. The good news is, a birth time is not required to calculate the Planets, Aspects & Signs, as all but the Sun & Moon move less than one degree a day; the Sun moves just one degree and though the Moon moves about 12 degrees daily, when an exact or approximate birth time is unknown, noontime is used and the Moon is never more than 6 degrees off its true position, & usually less. It's not ideal, but it's workable.

A natal BirthPrint requires an exact birth time and displays the Ascendant, planet/house placements and the Planets, Aspects & Signs.

A solar BirthPrint may use an exact, approximate or noon birth time and displays only the Planets, Aspects & Signs. The Sun sign is always in the first house, though the houses are a silent backdrop.

A Natal BirthPrint & Solar BirthPrint...

Though a natal BirthPrint is ideal, a solar BirthPrint still enables you to explore far more deeply than you ever thought possible.

"The soul of the newly born baby is marked for life by the pattern
of the stars at the moment it comes into the world.
~ Johannes Kepler, Harmonics Mundi

BirthPrint/SoulPortrait combo.. please email me for details.

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