Analytical Psychology was founded by Dr. Jung, who based its principles on planetary dynamics. So how can something so fundamental be ignored by
the entire field of psychology? Not what Dr. Jung had in mind.

So most Jungian analysts don't use astrology and take weeks and months to gain insights they could gain in an hour of analyzing a client's birth chart.
And if you know an analyst who utilizes astrology, you're very fortunate.

So Dr. Jung's dream of a psychological [r]evolution is not yet fully realized. But even incomplete, his three levels of consciousness illuminate our journey.
We now know that the mind is like the ocean, with unfathomable depths to
deeply contemplate or just dip in a toe.

And there's even a map to help us navigate the best course through life.
But most think there is no map, or that it can't possibly be accurate
or everyone would use it. And then there's the ridicule.

Dr. Jung identified three levels of consciousness: conscious, unconscious
and collective unconscious
. And since it's now common to call the mid-level
the subconscious, I'll use conscious, subconscious & unconscious.
Same meaning, fewer syllables.

sun ~ moon ~ mercury ~ venus ~ mars
ego ~ emotion ~ intellect ~ desire ~ drive
The Sun rules your heart that houses your spirit and shepherds your mind.
And your conscious mind is the surface story of everything. Your feelings, thoughts, desires, drive, aspirations, experiences and all your interactions through life. But less than 10% of the human mind is conscious, so who's steering the ship? What is possible as we become more conscious?

jupiter ~ saturn
expansion ~ contraction
The subconscious mind records and stores every experience from birth. In the first three years, events are absorbed like a sponge, are deeply imprinted and lay your emotional foundation. And the first seven years shape your essential outlook. Much of childhood is consciously forgotten, but intense emotions form reactive pathways that shape patterns of behavior for better and worse.

The subconscious regulates the body, the body retains emotion and the most painful provoke unease and disease. Release unwanted energy/emotion held in the body and the past won't limit the future. Center yourself in what quantum trailblazer Dr. Joe Dispenza calls 'the generous present moment', where all good things are possible. It isn't easy, but it is simple.

uranus ~ neptune ~ pluto
divine mind ~ divine spirit ~ divine will
The unconscious mind is aligned with the Divine and guided by your eternal spirit. It's Purpose with a capital P, the still inner voice that knows ALL - past, present and future. And when it's unheard or unheeded by the conscious mind, it still works its heavenly magic, often as painful experience on the jagged path of hard-won clarity. As you become more conscious, your path
becomes more smooth, as you better intuit what steps to take
to make your dreams reality.

Jimmy Dore on the ocean of consciousness

"The soul of the newly born baby is marked for life by the pattern
of the stars at the moment it comes into the world.
~ Johannes Kepler, Harmonics Mundi

With your first breath, your soul or psyche is imprinted with the celestial frequency pattern of that moment in time, your electromagnetic DNA.
Your soul embodies your etrnal spirit from life to life and your breath
or prana anchors it in this time & space.

So proper breathing is key to feeling fully here and meditation can work miracles. GOM is the ancient Tibetan word for meditation and means
'to become familiar with'
. So do that and become truly supernatural.

A brief digression

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