The late, great Dr. Carl G. Jung, the father of Analytical Psychology, based his theory of consciousness on planetary principles. It's true! And though his teachings are now well known, their celestial roots are simply ignored, presumably to avoid the academic ridicule of astrology that persists to this day. But at what cost?

Most Jungian analysts have little to no knowledge of astrology and
take weeks, months or years to gain insights they could gain in an hour
by analyzing a client's birth chart. So Dr. Jung's dream of a psychological [r]evolution is not yet fully realized, as big pharma grows stronger.

But even incomplete, Jung's 3 levels of consciousness guides and enlightens us.
We now know the mind is like the ocean, with unfathomable depths to deeply contemplate or just dip in a toe. And though most sail through life without a
map, we're all free to calculate & utilize one and hold fast against ridicule.
And consciousness is where the voyage begins.

Dr. Jung identified the 3 levels of consciousness as conscious, unconscious
& collective unconscious
, although most of us now know the middle level as
the subconscious. So for simplicity & brevity [and with presumptuous abandon]
I'll use conscious, subconscious & unconscious. Full clarity with fewer syllables.

sun ~ moon ~ mercury ~ venus ~ mars
Your heart is your sun; it houses your spirit and shepherds your mind and your conscious mind is the surface story of everything. Your thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears, desires, dreams, the actions you take, the challenges you face and your interactions and relationships with others through life. But less than 10% of the human mind is conscious, so who's steering the ship? What is possible as we become more conscious? How can we manifest the lives we dream about?

jupiter ~ saturn
The subconscious mind records and stores everything you've experienced from birth, without analyis or judgment. In the first 3 years you absorb events like a sponge and the first 7 years form your essential perceptions of life. Though much is consciously forgotten, supercharged emotions form reactive pathways you instinctively traverse, for better or worse, when the same emotions arise.
They're referred to by psychologists as 'patterns of behavior'.

Your subconscious regulates your body, your body retains emotion and the most painful provoke dis-ease. Release unwanted energy held in your body & mind to heal and your past won't limit your future. Center yourself in what quantum trailblazer Dr. Joe Dispenza calls 'the generous present moment', where all
good things are possible. It's science and it isn't easy, but it is simple.

uranus ~ neptune ~ pluto
The unconscious mind is Purpose with a capital P and its divine objective is Wisdom. It's the still inner voice that sees and knows ALL. And when unheard
or unheeded by your conscious mind, it still works its heavenly magic, often as painful experience, on the jagged path of hard-won clarity. And as you become more conscious, the path becomes more smooth and you intuit what steps to
take to make your dreams reality. Your unconscious is aligned with the Divine
and guided by your eternal spirit.

"The soul of the newly born baby is marked for life by the pattern
of the stars at the moment it comes into the world.
~ Johannes Kepler, Harmonics Mundi

With your first breath your soul is imprinted with the celestial frequency
pattern of that moment in time, your electromagnetic DNA. Breath ~
prana ~ qi ~ anchors your eternal spirit in this time & space.

A brief digression

So proper breathing is key to feeling fully here and meditation can work miracles. GOM is the ancient Tibetan word for meditation and means 'to become familiar with'. The same wisdom is carved at the Temple of Apollo: 'Know Thyself and thou shalt know the Universe and the Gods'. So do that and become truly supernatural.

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"There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man
cross over the sea of life." ~ Varahamihira
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