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"There I saw a sight I had not seen since my travels in the British Isles. Situated on a mound were weathered megalithic stones. I was filled with disbelief - it just couldn't be. Western Europe, yes, but here in Massachusetts? No. The reality of the scene was astonishing." ~ James Whittall

"Massachusetts has a wealth of unusual and enigmatic stone structures of uncertain antiquity and unknown origin. These have been conjectured to be constructed by ancient Celts, Native Americans, Colonial farmers, and neo-pagans. I have personally located many previously unrecorded dolmen, stone circles, standing stones, prayer seats, underground chambers, altars, turtle shaped boulders, and odd stone arrangements. There are many mysteries here worth investigating." - Daniel Boudillion

"Located in the heart of modern-day New England stand sites of such great antiquity; sites so enigmatic, so sophisticated and seemingly inexplicable, serious scientists and archaeologists have denied their study because of their monumental implications: it would force them to throw away their preconceived notions about the achievements of ancient man into the historical garbage can." ~ Paul Tudor Angel, The Mysterious Megaliths of New England

"For the past several years, Paul C. Muir has been conducting photographic and video surveys of sacred [stone]sites throughout Wales and Great Britain. The goal: to record unseen energy phenomenon occurring at the this clear evidence of a connection between the appearance of orbs and the existence of an electromagnetic field at the sites where they appear?" ~ Glenn Kreisberg, Spirits In Stone

Here on my hill in Monson, Massachusetts there are hundreds of enigmatic stones large and small across 6 acres, with many more still to be unearthed.

beehive stone [& Elsa]. . .

large partially unearthed stone. . .

carved stone. . .

checkerboard stone. . .

flower stone. . .

painted stone. . .

mushroom stone. . .

possibly a lintel, before excavation. . .

in the process of excavation. . .

another lintel?. . .

in the process of excavation [flat stone slab on the right]. . .

etched stone, beginning to be unearthed. . .

similarly etched stone at America's Stonehenge. . .

another view of the etched stone, with other tumbled stones [& Pippi]. . .

carved stone near the etched stone. . .

two-tiered lintel? [3 angles]. . .

step stone. . .

layered stone, partially unearthed. . .

The largest stone is about 10x15x20 ft, with large white quartz blocks that runs along one side like a crown. The stone is covered in cupmarks, with a wide band of cupmarks that wraps around three sides of the stone, bordered by small white quartz blocks, that to my eye looks like the Milky Way, though I'm no archaeoastronomer. . .

The 'milky way' stone[& Bruno]. . .

A top shot of the strip & quartz border [& Pippi]. . .

Our area of the Milky Way and the corresponding area on the stone, w/2 drill-holes. . .

The Milky Way. . .


"I've been fascinated by ancient artifacts that have an astronomical connection. I've shared my speculation about cupula rock from the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve. I was intrigued by how accurate an overlay of Cassiopeia fits some of the cupules near the middle. I suspect some square, linear, or cross patterns match other constellations too." - Cupula Rock by John Garrett

More large stones. . .









6.. largely still buried..






10..barely uncovered..


12.. partially uncovered..


15.. lintel?

16.. barely uncovered..


18..two recently unearthed stones, both about 5ft wide..


19..a turtle?. . .

Random shots. . .

Two sides of an interesting stone. . .

Sumerian cuneiform? 'Cuneiform' means 'wedge-shaped', from the Latin word cuneus [wedge].". . .

Light orbs are often photographed around megalithic stones, recorded extensively by Paul C. Muir.

With Pippi in August on Faerie Hill - they really like Pippi...

Many small stones on Faerie Hill that look to me like softened and shaped building blocks. . .

Megalithic Softening of Stone Part 1 " target="_blank" > Part 2

A few hill shots. . .

the kitties love Faerie Hill. . .

heading towards the hill. . .

beaver pond in winter. . .

Wales Road in Monson. . .Down the road from Faerie Hill..

8000 acres of forests, meadows and wildlands. . .

Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary A Hidden Gem [MassLive]

4.7 miles of hiking/mountain biking/horseback riding trails. . .

Roaming New England: Conant Brook Dam

Drone footage of Conant Brook Dam & surrounding area

This stone wall with a large white quartz block jutting out is 1/2 mile down the road from Faerie Hill. . .

More on Monson, Mass. . .

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The Nipmuc Indians of Monson, descendents of the Algonquin

Monson Hill Climbs

The Hills of Monson
From "Monson consists of a north/south oriented Y-shaped valley nestled between two prominent ridge lines. The western ridge and hills are granite intrusions that separate Monson from Wilbraham. Monson's highest peaks, such as Peaked Mountain (1,278 feet), West Hill (900 feet), and Chicopee Mountain (800 feet) are found along the western ridgeline. At the base of these formations, Monson Granite was quarried for use in many of the Town's now historic buildings. The east ridgeline [is] composed of granite, sandstone, feldspar, and quartz. Monson's valley [also] contains drumlins and eskers."

The Monson mound . . . .

Drone shot of Wales Road, with the Monson mound in the distance. . .

"Peaked Mountain is a hidden gem. . .in the hills of Monson, MA. The summit is 1,227 ft. and takes about 45 minutes to hike one way. Once you hit the top you'll be greeted by a small mailbox, where several notebooks are usually kept and hikers can leave a message, almost mimicking the sign-in stops on the Appalachian Trail. At the top looking out you can gaze northward across the Quabbin Reservoir watershed and even get a glimpse of New Hampshire's Mount Monadknock."

More on Peaked Mountain

Mysterious star-hole at Monson's Flynt Granite Quarry. . .

More on Monson's star-holes
[with 'expert opinion' that suits the Darwin dogma]

Star Holes found at Bimini

Star Holes Uncovered in Norway

How the Ancients Cut Stone with Sound


The Carolina Bays are over 500,000 oval shaped bays from Maine to North Carolina, all oriented in a northwesterly direction and all dated to about 13,000 years ago, to the time of the 'great flood' of legends worldwide.

"In North America, every single river valley that heads onto what was the former site of the ice sheet has evidence of gigantic floods--not over millions of years--we'd be literally talking weeks, days. Every single major river valley in North America shows evidence of catastrophic flooding on a scale unlike anything seen in historical times." ~ Randall Carlson

America Before; The Key to Earth's Lost Civilization, by Graham Hancock
"Recent scientific discoveries have provided strong evidence that North America was peopled at least 130,000 years ago; this is many tens of thousands of years before human settlements were established in Europe and Asia. The question is, what were these people like? What did they know? What happened to them? There are powerful connections between the spiritual beliefs of the mound builder cultures of North America's Mississippi Valley and the spiritual beliefs of the ancient Egyptians; how do we explain these connections? Direct influence of one or the other can be ruled out. What the evidence suggests is that these cultures, widely separated by time and geography, share the legacy of knowledge from a lost civilization of remote pre-history that was ancestral to both."

The Worldwide Flood: Unifying Science with the Human Narrative Tradition by Randall Carlson

Theory Supporting the Biblical Account of the Great Flood by James A. Maruse

The Carolina Bays and the Destruction of North America, by Ralph Ellis

Re-evaluation Of The Extraterrestrial Origin Of The Carolina Bays

Many cities across the world are built on seven hills. These include two major power centers - Rome & Washington DC. Maybe the comet cataclysm 12,000 years ago that formed the Carolina Bays also buried the pyramid complexes that seem strangely absent in North America but are they hidden in plain sight? And when pyramids were discovered in Bosnia by Semir Osmanagic Officialdumb claimed 'They're flatirons, there are no pyramids in Europe', so you be the judge. . .

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. . .

"[S]even hills were molded on the surface potentially representing the map of the terrain where the Bosnian Pyramids are located."


From The Natural Genesis: "[I]n the Hindu system, the place of the Siddhas, called the possessors of knowledge and the magnificent perfected, is immediately beneath the moon. The mount of seven seps and the seven starts was also represented by seven hills and seven pyramids. The Ancient Great Mother is described in Revelation as sitting on the Seven Hills. These are found in various localities, in Mexico, Britain, China and Inner Africa, as well as at Rome. Whenever identified they represent the seven hills of heaven, the seven forms of the celestial mount corresponding to the seven branches of the typical tree…and seven mountains or hills on earth stand for seven constellations in heaven." from The Natural Genesis: Or, Second Part of A Book of the Beginnings, 1883.

Dr. Barry Fell of Harvard University spent many years investigating stone evidence of an ancient Celtic and Phoenician presence in North America, particularly New England. His three popular books enraged mainstream archaeologists. And when Dr. Fell passed in 1997 they went on the attack with lies and deception because he could no longer defend himself. Dishonest cowards who help hide our true history colllude in our human devolution.

"The day when science begins to explore beyond physical phenomena,
more will be discovered in a decade than over the centuries of its existence." ~ Nikola Tesla


Levitating Ancient Megaliths
Excerpts: "Many ancient structures around the world are built with enormous stones and offer no clue as to how they were built. . .Many agree that even using modern day lifting equipment, these stones would not budge at all. This raises a legitimate question: "Did the ancients know something we don't?". . .Some believe the answer is levitation. . .the open-minded embrace the idea that our ancestors were much more advanced than orthodox history admits. . . Modern science is no stranger to the use of sound waves in the levitation of small particles. NASA even employs sonic drilling. . .it would seem the ancients were on to something."

Defying Gravity: Lifting of Megaliths
Excerpt: "Moving megaliths can be appropriately termed as "lifting" than "levitation". The latter term is relevant to today’s research in physics labs studying acoustic levitation of lightweight objects in air using standing sound waves. According to archaeo-acoustics researchers, the concept of sound-assisted lifting has been known to be an anti-gravity phenomenon for thousands of years. It appears that the ancients somehow mastered the technique of lifting via sound technology or some other obscure method that would defied gravity."

How The Ancients Cut Stone with Sound
Excerpts: "The Great Pyramid, ancient megaliths, Stonehenge, and Edward Leedskalnin’s “Coral Castle” in Florida are testaments to a secret technology. . .Everything points to sound being the principal ingredient. . .I mean sound being the initiator of a process that ends up altering gravity directly. This is nowhere more evident than in the size of megalithic stones. . .[T]he smaller the stone, the higher its resonant frequency, and the more difficult it is to produce a powerful sound at the required frequency using tuning forks and/or the human voice. Both forks and the human voice have a limited frequency range, generally 100-3000 Hz. If you convert that frequency range into an allowable range of stone sizes, it matches the range of megalithic stone sizes around the world. It was only after the loss of this technology that buildings and stone structures were built of much smaller blocks."

"[T]he reed is a universal symbol of civilization, high culture, education, writing, and even celestial significance. For instance, the Hopi refer to the Milky Way by the term songwuka, literally “big reed.” They have a legend of coming up through a great reed from the previous Third World to the present Fourth World. This perhaps suggests an interstellar journey along the galactic axis." - Gary A. David

"Original Australian archaeology serving astronomical purposes found in the Central Coast of N.S.W. is both so numerous in number (>2000 star markers) and diverse in applications (star markers, constellation alignments, solstices, plasma events and possibility of binary star system and polar shifts) and the implications of this call into question many mistaken assumptions of Original prehistory. We propose that this complex is a unique star map of global significance exhibiting sophistication previously unknown. One deceptively small piece of rock which is claimed to bear hundreds upon hundreds of holes that represent the Milky Way, has either been stolen or is in safe-keeping." - Steven Strong

Montana Megalith Sound Waves
Lost High Technology Explained
Music Properties of Stonehenge Discovered
Sound Wave Emissions of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex
Sound Waves & Negative Gravity Is a Thing [called phonons]
Discovery of Tesla's Torsion fields above the Bosnian Pyramids


Part 1: The Lost City of Atlantis - Hidden in Plain Sight
Part 2: This is How We Know Atlantis Existed. . .AND Where
Part 3: Ancient Map PROVES The Lost City of Atlantis is The Eye of The Sahara
* You Won't Believe What's Buried Under the Sahara
* Proof From The Ground That The Richat Structure Is Atlantis

* "Lost" Fortresses of Sahara Revealed by Satellites
* Hundreds of Mysterious Ancient Structures Found in the Sahara Desert
* Massive amounts of Saharan dust fertilize the Amazon rainforest
* Saharan Dust Keeping Atlantic's Tropical Storms From Forming
* BBC Weather: Sahara desert winds strike UK and force temperatures to soar
* Here's Why Dust From The Sahara Desert Is Turning The Houston Sky Yellow
* Bizarre Secret Files Released on Lost Ancient Human Civilizations

A few honest & courageous researchers who seek to enlighten us all:

Semir Osmanagic ~ Dr. Richard L. Thompson ~ Jock Doubleday ~ Randall Carlson ~ Graham Hancock ~ Carl Lehrburger ~ Jim Vieira ~ Glenn Kreisberg ~ Phillip Coppens ~ Freddy Silva ~ Michael Cremo ~ Hugh Newman


Stars, Stones & Scholars
Cup marks and Milky Way Mythology
Roaring Water Journal: On Cupmarks
Standing Stone Cup Marks May Represent Star Constellations


Out of Place Artifacts That Show Mankind Goes Back Further Than Modern Science Accepts
Precision Megalithic Stone Technology That Most Historians Cannot Seem to Work Out
Secrets of the Stones: Ancient New England - Patrick Cooke & Barbara DeLong
Ancient Archaeological Historical Discoveries That Are Classified Top Secret
Jim Vieira: Megaliths, Stonework and Giants from Ancient New England
12 Photographs Mainstream Archaeology Does Not Want You to See
NewEarth Findings: the True Ancient History of the Human Races
Unusual Structures in Idaho, Pyramid & Megaliths in Montana
Freddy Silva: Ancient Sites, Acoustics and Sacred Geometry
Michigan Copper - 500M Pounds Exported in the "Stone Age"
New Earth: When the Survivors of Atlantis Wake Up
The Megaliths of New England, with Hugh Newman
Dr. Charles Kos: Megaliths & Ancient Mysteries
Edgar Cayce Fairies, Angels and Unseen Forces
Enormous Machine-Cut Stones At PumaPunku?
Ancient High-Technology ~ How Old Are We?
Ancient "Engineering Marvel" Found In Ohio?
Photos of Megaliths Around the World 2017
Boudillion Megaliths of Massachusetts
Star-holes in Monson, Massachusetts
In Search of Fairies Documentary
Jock Doubleday on ancient 'glay'
Patty Greer: Crop Circle Films
Ancient Myths and Cosmology
Megalithic Castles in Russia
Megaliths of the World
The Spiral Universe
Mystery History


America's Stonehenge
The Paranormal Zone
In Praise of Barry Fell
Professor Barry Fell
Books by Barry Fell
Epigraphic Society
Horse Pucky
Coral Castle
Bosnian Pyramids
Antikytheran Mechanism
Adventures Unlimited Press
Stone Strider of New England
The Diffusionists Have Landed
Native New England Stones Blogspot
Ancient Egyptians in the Grand Canyon
Rare Star Holes in Monson, Massachusetts
Spirits In Stone by Glenn Kreisberg [book]
Jordan Kert's New England Megaliths Channel
The Carolina bays: Explaining a cosmic mystery
Archaeological Coverups? by David Hatcher Childress
Search for the Mysterious Stone Builders of New England
The Mysterious Stone Chambers of New England and the Search for Lost America
Proof that 'primitive humans' were seafarers; only mainstream archaeologists are surprised
The Great Flood: Powerful Evidence That The Carolina Bays Created by Comet 12,000 Years Ago


Pyramids' True Purpose FInally Discovered: Advanced Ancient Technology
The Pyramid Parallax: Light, Electricity & Music of the Spheres
Native Ways & Knowledge: Visions & Dreams by Ivar Nielsen
The Microbe-To-Man Evolution Story is Dumb, Bad Science
VIDEO: The Last Great Collision/The Carolina Bays
HOW DID THE ICE AGES END? by Randall Carlson
Origin of the Carolina Bays by Antonio Zamora
Randall Carlson Research Becomes Mainstream
Underground Tunnels of Bosnian Pyramids
The View Over Atlantis by John Michell
Julia Ryder on Montana Megaliths, etc.
Julia Ryder on Montana Megaliths, etc.
Faerie Flag of the Clan MacLeod
Carolina Bays by George Howard
Crop Circle Art by Mother Earth
Invisible Temple by Freddy Silva
Ivar Nielsen Papers - Stunning!
Fairie Factors vs Materialism
Physics In The Age Of Fakery
Vortex Maps with Dan Shaw
Evidence: GeoCosmic REX
Relics of the Ancients
Colorado Megaliths
Great Law of Peace
Montana Megaliths
The Hero's Journey
Ancient Partriarchs
The Old Bay Path
Andis Kaulins
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The Montana Megaliths
Jock Doubleday: An American in Bosnia
Charlton Heston: The Mysterious Origins of Man
Astonishing Finds From Within The Bosnian Pyramid
The Mysterious Anti-Scientific Agenda of Robert Schoch
David Hatcher Childress, Hidden Grand Canyon Artefacts
Ancient Egyptians in the Grand Canyon: The Mystery of G.E. Kincaid
Michael Cremo | The Hidden Origins of the Human Race | Origins Conference
Bright Insight: You Won't Believe What's Buried Under the Sahara...Hidden Lost Ancient Civilizations

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