The ascendant is the sign rising on the horizon at the time of birth, also known as the rising sign. Your ascendant is your persona, your public face, which may compliment, amplify, subdue or even mask your planetary frequencies.

Your ascendant also determines which houses your planets occupy on the wheel of life. Each house indicates specific life issues and those your planets occupy have heightened significance.

But... the ascendant and planet/house placements require an exact birth time to calculate, which many people don't know; and just a few minutes off can mean dramatically wrong data. The good news is, a birth time is not required to calculate the Planets, Aspects & Signs, as all but the Moon move less than one degree a day, moving about 12 degrees daily. So when an exact or approximate birth time is unknown, noon is used so the Moon is never more than 6 degrees off its true position, & usually less. It's not ideal, but it's workable.

A natal BirthPrint requires an exact birth time and displays the Ascendant, planet/house placements and the Planets, Aspects & Signs.

A solar BirthPrint may use an exact, approximate or noon birth time and displays only the Planets, Aspects & Signs. The Sun sign is always in the first house, though the houses are a silent backdrop.

A Natal BirthPrint & Solar BirthPrint...

Though a natal BirthPrint is ideal, a solar BirthPrint still enables you to explore far more deeply than you ever thought possible.

Taurus lacks its own planetary ruler and Earth is the only planet that rules no sign; could Earth be Taurus' natural ruler? They seem like a perfect fit, though Taurus is presently co-ruled by Venus [with Libra]. In ancient times Earth & Venus were considered twin planets and they shared the same Venus glyph we all know, with Earth's in reverse. Why was Earth's glyph changed to a cross within a circle?

Like Earth, Taurus is grounded, nurturing & sensuous, while its dark side is over-indulgence in Earth's bounty. The bull is a revered symbol in many cultures and like Mother Earth, the majestic bovine nourishes and provides for our basic needs [like ice cream & buttered popcorn].

Terra and Tara are ancient names for Earth, the only planet not presently named after a mythological god. Many believe myth and religion are code for cosmology, developed to follow forbidden science in a long-forgotten dark age.

"Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?" ~ Old Testament.

The Pleiades in the Taurus constellation is referenced throughout the ancient world, and some today believe we're being guided and protected by highly evolved humans from the Pleiades. Listening to these amazing accounts has to make you wonder.


In the true light of the Aquarian Age, when all secrets are revealed, will Earth [once again?] be known as the natural ruler of Taurus?

A BirthPrint is not who you are, but the unique frequencies of your operating system, with your subconscious programmed by childhood experiences and past lives. Through this system your eternal spirit operates with free will.

Every BirthPrint presents endless possibilities for expression, so although those born on the same day and year share the same unique operating system, your past experiences and essential spirit shape its expression.

Some astrotwins seem very similar & others dramatically different. Two who stand out as similar are Angelina Jolie & Russell Brand, born June 4, 1975. Everyone born on that date is driven by intense planetary frequencies, and Jolie & Brand followed a similar transformative path through desire, excess & performing to spiritual & social consciousness.

More to come...