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Megalith [Merriam Webster]:
A very large stone used in prehistoric cultures as a monument or building block.

Faerie Hill is what I call my back hill in Monson, Massachusetts. There are hundreds of megalithic and other stones on around the 6 acre hill, with dozens or hundreds more still buried. Many of the stones appear slightly askew, as though jarred by a great force.

There are at least a half dozen large, flat stones that appear to be lintels, so I think there may be a cave system beneath the hill. There's still a lot of excavating to be done.

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"There I saw a sight I had not seen since my travels in the British Isles. Situated on a mound were weathered megalithic stones. I was filled with disbelief--it just couldn't be--western Europe, yes, but here in Massachusetts--no. The reality of the scene was astonishing." ~ James Whittall

From The Mysterious Megaliths of New England:

"Located in the heart of modern-day New England stand sites of such great antiquity; sites so enigmatic, so sophisticated and seemingly inexplicable, serious scientists and archaeologists have denied their study because of their monumental implications: it would force them to throw away their preconceived notions about the achievements of ancient man into the historical garbage can." ~ Paul Tudor Angel

1.. the largest & most ornate megalith.. because it's covered with cupmarks I call it 'Cosmic Rock'...

1b.. cupmarks & white quartz blocks..

1c.. top.

1d..another side view.

more pix of Cosmic Rock here

2..2nd most ornate stone - I call it 'Ship Rock'; it's about 12ft wide..


more pix of Ship Rock here

3.. next to Ship Rock..

4.. a two-tiered lintel? 12 ft wide, near the top of the hill..



5.. lintel?..

5b.. I started digging to find out.. still digging..






9.. largely still buried..







13..barely uncovered..


15.. lintel?



18.. lintel?

19.. top partially uncovered..


21.. lintel?

22.. barely uncovered..

23.. there's a seat-like indentation that isn't evident in the photo..




26.. beehive?..

27.. at the entrance to the property..


A few close-ups of embedded white quartz..


quartz blocks are embedded in this and other stones..

Dr. Barry Fell of Harvard University spent years investigating stone evidence of an ancient Celtic and Phoenician presence in the New World. His three books were immensely popular, which enraged mainstream archaeology that has been advancing the Darwinian paradigm in lockstep with other so-called sciences. Following Dr. Fell's death in 1997 his important research was essentially tossed in the garbage by the 'experts' and even alleged to be deceptive, since Dr. Fell was unable to defend himself - does it get any lower? And the Darwinian paradigm has been reasserted with a vengeance despite finds being made every day that entirely disprove it. Dogma absolutely rules mainstream archaeology, not science and the truth is far more fascinating than their fiction.

The similarities between the megalithic structures of Great Britain and New England are undeniable to anyone with sight and knowledge and no hidden agenda. So to seek the truth we need to disregard the dogmatists and follow our reason, logic and investigation and that of the honest diffusionist archaeology researchers doing such important work. Here are just a few:

Jim Vieira ~ Michael Cremo ~ Phillip Coppens ~ Sam Osmanagic


The Carolina Bays are over 500,000 oval shaped bays from Maine to North Carolina, all oriented in a northwesterly direction and all dated to about 12,000 years ago. Evidence indicates that the bays were created by the impact and debris of a comet dating back 12,000 years, to the time of the 'great flood'.written about in cultures worldwide. No contrary evidence rules out this possibility.

Here is an interesting article on the Carolina Bays. And below is a color-enhanced image of their shape..:

Carolina Bays Study Conclusion:
"The proposed model with shock waves from cometary fragments exploding above the surface creating a series of similar landforms is conceptually very simple, and is far less complex than most of the terrestrial models postulated recently. For geometrically regular forms such as Carolina Bays we prefer a simple causal mechanism if it is feasible."

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Might the ancients have had a technology to soften stone like clay to create structures and monuments all over the world? was levitation through sound waves or some other lost technology also possible?

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