A ZodMag will make you smile whenever you reach for a snack or file

So slip it in a card or stuff it in a stocking & spread the smiles around!

ZodMags will be re-stocked soon - updating the codes.

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Zodmag Size: 5 x 5 inches
Price: $4.00 each; 4 for $12
free shipping

Placing an order is a two step process. . .

Email me with the following info:
Your name & snail-mail address
Sun sign of each ZodMag recipient
Dates when the Sun changes signs require the birth year & time
to determine which sign or both signs [cusp-born]

Post your payment to lindagoodman@lingood.com at:

I'll confirm your order & snail-mail your ZodMag[s] within 5 business days.

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