First it's the church to capture your mind
to be taught not to wonder and be properly blind
'ask us some questions and we'll tell you some lies
of eternal salvation in the heavenly skies
or eternal damnation in a slow-burning hell
so follow our rules and you'll do just swell
and only one life will determine your fate
only one life to see how you rate
sure it's unbalanced, unfair and so cruel
but ask no more questions or satan will rule!'

next, we line up and move with the bell
towards a red brick version of hell
I'll tell you a secret and make no mistake
public school is a given that does nothing but take

Enter a genius and exit a fool
feel your light dim as you follow their rules
they cook your brain like the frog in the pot
until all you have left is a head full of snot

Teachers so prim as they crow at their genius
when all they inspire is boredom and meanness
bustling with purpose til they punch the clock
yet when you look closer it's all a big crock

But nobody notices, nobody cares
as beautiful dreams turn to fractured nightmares
just follow the leaders and do as they say
don't think too much or just go away

So the sheeple are many and the thinkers are few
and the sheeple win out as they usually do
and the wolves all descend in their cunning disguise
and herd them through bullshit that's 80 feet high

And they try to fool thinkers that they must go too
straight through the bullshit and into the zoo
as phantoms of doom at every turn
hiss "nothing to hope for and nothing to learn"

Yet that's all illusion and fully man-made
designed to control us and keep us afraid

For through the twilight, a beacon of light
that can't be extinguished with bleating or blight
bathes you in knowing, a sweet gentle hush
that calms all your worries and awakens your trust

It's only the Truth that will set you Free
so you may be all that you came here to be
not through a sloganized army of course
not further from freedom and closer to force

Through only the stillness of cosmos and you
in the sweet fruitful waves that flow in from the blue
in every moment there's an order sublime
that the mind cannot fathom but the heart can define
Then you'll know freedom, eternal and real
that no one can covet and no one can steal
If you don't believe it, just try and see
freedom is wisdom and wisdom is free

And all that matters in the end
from loathsome foe to loyal friend
is what we do with what we know
for all are free to fall or grow

'And all for what?' we cry in vain
For what is real that we retain
for what remains and cannot die
the answer to the question 'WHY?'

The HEART on which the ages etch
from highborn king to lowly wretch
the tale of all we ever feel
the only thing that's truly REAL!

To know this truth becomes a must
as all else fades and turns to dust
each form to serve, not to enslave
or artifice becomes the grave

The heart is our eternity
the only true reality
the soul way to divinity
neglect of which is misery

A school of soul, this ball of blue
and how you do is up to you
first pause in peace at mortal's gate
then leave eternal to create
and fear no death, for that's a lie
the only point is that we TRY!

The spirit soars in each new life
a heart assured that all is right
but memory dims each passing year
as hope erodes from wear and fear
we follow clues we think are true
to find our way to what we knew

As twilight falls along the way
a fix or two to numb the day
and hollow ache of fading hope
in search for truth with narrowed scope

For that is mortal pain, you see
as we forget we're eternal and free

So seek what is true and hides until night
above the chill winds blowing terror and blight
through the temporal and far Above
let your heart re-attune to Infinite Love

Awakened in Light to the Godhead Within
That is how glorious stories begin!


October is here again
let's drink more beer again
it's World Series Season - woo hoo!
The Red Sox are playing
and all that i'm saying
is if they don't get better we're screwed

I wait all year long for
the thrill that i long for
the excitement of seeing my team
in their red and white stripes
and their too many strikes
that are quickly destroying my dream

But i'll keep on hoping
there won't be no moping
I'll cheer for them with all that I've got
and hope they get with it
and to __________ they stick it
so i can collect the Gold Pot.

But if they don't win
it's not a big sin
through many will cry 'oh boo hoo'
They're still our home team
and still part of our dream
and we'll root for them again next year, too!


oogy ugly troglodyte
lizard tongue that's spewing spite
bulgie eyes and snide asides
donkey laugh that makes you cry
dirty lies fly out his hole
back under your bridge, you hideous troll!


Nayda Nayda
hot patayta
rolling down the hill
he took the shot
but cool he's not
he basically looks ill

But looks aside
he's earned his pride
for challenging The Man
he helped the poor
and raised the score
and had a damn good plan

But we all know
that all winds blow
for demwits and repugs
and not the Hero
so debates are Zero
and he's tired of the snubs

So down Nayda rolls
away from the polls
and the sea of hopeful faces
he still does his good
as we expect that he would
but there may well be no more races


the pornhog loves all kinds of porno
nothing is too dirty
he's seen it all and still wants more
he's jaded and perverty

he's lost in space in tittyland
the johnsons and the asses
and every kind of pootang shot
just stating what the facts is

the endless show of human flesh
so virtually available
it draws him in like micky deez
though no one's really nailable

so down he sits and makes a fist
in craven slack-eyed wonder
and strokes his dickie for another quickie
dark lightning with no thunder


friendly smile masks raging chaos
trapped in your liar's spell
your serpent tongue a forked sword
that pins me in your hell

future laid with artful harm
a fractured path of sorrow
a bitter ache for all lost sweetness
no more joy in tomorrow

malignant love, vampiric force
black hole of endless need
no reflection in your funhouse mirror
as all the while i bleed


spite-r had a hissy fit
a pointless snit
a hurl of spit

boatloads of bullshit

he just couldn't quit
not one fucking bit
this unarmed twit
with his junky bit
in his monkey mitt
an empty pit
a shark for tit
so dimly lit
so full of shit
a smirk to hit
this idiot

so she finally had it
and finally split
nay, BOLTED, toward the bright exit

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