The Moon is the ancient symbol of fertility and the hormonal cycle even has a lunar beat, so it seems natural that ovulation occurs according to the Moon. And it does! Every month when the Moon enters the phase under which you were born, and everything is in working order, ovulation occurs. So learn your phase and just look up! The only surprise is that it remains an open secret.

In 2003 the lunar cycle was inadvertently confirmed whn researchers at the University of Saskatchewan discovered discovered that women ovulate more than once a month: "[They] found that most women in their study had
at least two times during their cycle when eggs developed. . ."

Lunar fertility was rediscovered in 1956 by Dr. Eugen Jonas, who came upon a fragment of an ancient Babylonian manuscript that read: "A woman is fertile according to the moon." Dr. Jonas deciphered its meaning and soon opened
a fertility clinic that quickly became an international success.

But just three years later, communists overtook Czechoslovakia and closed the clinic, devastating Dr. Jonas' grateful clients. So he found a way to persevere and, now in his 90s, he continues to help women conceive at his clinic in the Slovac Republic: Centrum Jonas International.

And contrary to conventional wisdom, the Moon's zodiac sign at conception determines gender: positive it's a boy & negative it's a girl. This has been borne out through many thousands of births over 65+ years.

And since lunar fertility can't be patented, there's no motivation to spread the good news and clear motivation to suppress the competition, which invariably leads to debunkery.

The most comprehensive book on lunar fertility is Astrological Birth Control by Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder. Written 50 years ago, it's ageless & priceless and should be reprinted.

The safest & most effective birth control is the cervical cap, yet few have even heard of it. The cap is basically a condom for the cervix, used since ancient times and inserted up to 2 days prior - no ruining the moment. But when the Pill was introduced, the cap competition disappeared from the market. And when women complained that the Pill made them ill, the diaphragm took the cap's place, a messy and awkwarsubstitute. So who benefits? Two words with three syllables and 'harm' at the center.

Dissatisfaction with messy & toxic options has finally led back to the cap, but are sadists overseeing design? And the only option is the FemCap, hard plastic that resembles a sailor's cap and requires a physician's script - for a piece of plastic? And few physicians even fit them! Talk about effective barriers.

Why not female condoms? Effective, safe, easy, comfy, cheap & totally iberating to all women! Did I just answer my own question? Who benefits from a lack of safe, effective & accessible female birth control? Not women, their partners or aborted babies. Let's pray someone invents a cervical condom and lives to tell the story.

The Complete Cervical Cap Guide by Rebecca Chalker is a great resource.

And assuming a user-friendly cervical cap design emerges, they do not require spermicide. The chemical industry is the most profitable of them all, but we're baby makers, not profit makers, unless we unwittingly choose to be.

In 2004, Dr. Jonathan Tilly of Harvard & MGH discovered that new eggs are produced in women throughout their reproductive years, just like all other mammals! And why wouldn't they? This knowledge could lead to the reversal of menopause.

"There's no fathomable reason...why a woman would have evolved to carry stale eggs around for decades before attempting to get pregnant while men evolved to have fresh sperm always available." ~ Dr. Jonathan Tilly, 2012

Dr. Jonathan Tilly

Could mind over matter be leading to menopause? How did such a horrible theory become conventional wisdom? And who's trying to debunk Dr. Tilly's research? The same gang behind the junk science that makes women feel old and anxious and be willing guinea pigs?

For women over forty who wish to conceive, I highly recommend Enhancing Fertility After Age 40 , by Jan Andersen. Her organization,, has brought joy to many thousands of women.

Lauren & Jan

Jan invited me to write an article on lunar fertility for her book...
The Moon is the Key

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