Wikipedia states that astrology is from the Latin 'astrologia'.
Logia refers to the writings of Jesus...

Wikipedia neglects to mention Jesus. I googled 'astrologia'
and 'Jesus' and most of the million+ hits are in Latin.

Here are two in English...
First the esteemed Astrodienst:
The Four Astrological Facets of Jesus
And this strangely lluminating video:
Jesus Is the Sun

I googled 'astrologos' and it's also mostly in Latin. it was used by Archimedes, 'the greatest mathematician of all time. I found it in a book called A Scheme of Heaven: The History of Astrology and the Search for our Destiny in Data. It was written by
physicist & mathematician Alexander Boxer

The screenshot from the book..

Is it a secret or something?

With so little in English, I can only speculate that astrologos
was a scientific term and astrologia was a spiritual term,
both referring to the study of the stars.