Celestial cycles determine time and make the clock & calendar possible. And their wider cycles tell the qualities of time, so isn't it time to hang those on the wall, too?

So the FutureGraph tracks and displays the celestial cycles of opportunities [Jupiter], challenges [Saturn], revelations [Uranus], inspiration [Neptune] and transformation [Pluto]. Awareness of your celestial cycles enables you to for and make the most of them all.
This can't be overstated!

"Always fall in with what is given and make it over your way.
Not against, with." ~ Robert Frost

Planetary cycles range from frequent & brief [Sun through Mars] to infrequent & lengthy [Jupiter through Pluto] and the latter five are displayed on a FutureGraph as waves that build, crest and recede.

"Who knows the power that Saturn has over us, or Venus?
But it is a vital power, rippling exquisitely through us
all the time." ~ D.H. Lawrence

A Word About Saturn
Everyone's heard of the 7 year this and the 7 year that, yet few know it's the Saturn cycle. It's a stressful time of increased responsibilities and adjustments, so knowing when it begins and ends is an immense advantage. You can better prepare and know you're not losing it
and that 'this too shall pass'.

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