Lightly scratching the surface of an immense subject...

"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force, which brings the particle of an atom to vibration. And holds this most minute solar system
of the atom together." ~ theoretical physicist Max Planck

Quantum physicist Dr. Niels Bohr aligned with Max Planck a century ago
and theorized that the atom and solar system share an identical form.
So, what about their function?

If form follows function and the atom is 'nature's building block', so is
the solar system, right? Not according to Our Celebrity Scientist, who says:
'No way, man. The atom and solar system are like, totally different.

Dr. Bohr as among the great minds of science who paved the quantum path
to defining reality as a kind of collective, holographic dream...

"Everything we call real is made of things
that cannot be regarded as real."

row row row your boat...

Establishment icon Albert Einstein also dared to dream...

"Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe -
a spirit vastly superior to that of man..." ~ Dr. Einstein

And the two sometimes wandered the woo-woo realms together.

Astrologers and quantum physicists agree on one thing: Everything is energy. Astrologers have known it for eons and scientists are finally catching up sort of. They call it their 'theory of everything' and it consists of Four Forces:
Gravity, Strong Force, Weak Force & Electromagnetism.

They function as follows sort of...

is the most celebrated of the fab four and gets most of the attention;
but it has a shallow reach and sometimes it's a drag, man.

toil obscurely to hold the manifest world together;
without them there'd be no way to let it Be.

And the real star of the fab four is

It goes on and on across the universe, possessing and caressing us
in an infinite, supercharged embrace.

And they all come together in the human brain,
the ultimate transmitter & receiver.

In 1939, Ukranian engineer Semyon Kirlian began to photograph the
energy field
within and around everything. It's called Kirlian Photography.
A penny for your thoughts.

In 1998, Robert O. Becker, MD wrote The Body Electric. He was a pioneer in the field of regeneration and its relationship to electrical currents in all living systems. His work expanded into many areas, most notably the healing arts.

In 2013 David Wilcock wrote the best-selling book The Synchronicity Key.
It's an astounding collection of scientific evidence of the supernatural,
like the stunner that DNA consists of shifting photons of light.

DW coined 'hopium' and later lost his way. Happens to the best of us

Geneticists have combed through decades of data for patterns that define human character & behavior, and they finally found the leadership gene! Astrologers have combed through eons of data for patterns that define
human character & behavior, and there are none they haven't found.

map section of the human genetic code

Astrology and the Science Behind Why it Works
"[H]umans are tuned to the nine planet frequencies because the shape of
our DNA is a coil, which is an inductor, or a receiver. Our DNA is a receiver...
DNA reads frequencies [and] is dictated by the frequencies of our planets."


The celestial energy system is everywhere. A few examples...



The first episode of The Outer Limits was called The Galaxy Being. A handful of must-see tv in the early 60s put our spiritual evolution on the fast track.
But the ride didn't last long. Sci-silly soon blew in.

And who gained from our loss?

church, state & hollywood sittin' in a tree, p-l-o-t-t-i-n-g.

Fearless bible scholars wonder what didn't make the final cut. Did
an enlightening book really reach the sheeple without being altered
to maintain control?

And what about Jesus'
'17 missing years' ? He reportedly returned from India with knowledge of the divine law of reincarnation and astrologia, to free his people from ignorance and fear. But that was a no-no and he was silenced. And both of these fundamental teachings are still vilified by The Church.

Reincarnation and Astrology in the 'Lord's Prayer?

The Three Wisemen were astrologers who predicted Jesus' arrival.
Yet The Church demonizes astrology and frightens christians away.

And if the Creator Created the heavens, how can its guidance be evil?
Or is it evil to vilify divine knowledge to maintain ignorance and fear?

Jesus opposed religious dogma and now the most powerful is in his name, symbolized by the torture device he died on. A reminder of his sacrifice
or mockery? Tyrants love mockery, it's as close to joy as they can get.

"Do you think when Jesus comes back he's gonna wanna see a fuckin' cross, man?" The late, great Bill Hicks. He was silenced at 33, too.

Are humans any wiser? How can we evolve if knowledge is hoarded like gold? Even our history is a mystery, except to the few who give the bible their
zeal of approval.

Original sin became the centerpiece of Christianity in AD 325, when
it was inserted by Emperor Constantine at the First Council of Nicaea.
But guilt, fear and obedience are the will of man, NOT GOD.
[Old Testament Elohim also NOT GOD]

coneheads at the first council of nicaea, circa AD 325

So the divine doctine of growing wise through many lives and Perfect for Paradise was replaced with one crapshoot life to Obey The Church Or Else. And no soup for you in Hell.

Jesus said "Be ye therefore perfect." But that's impossible in a single lifetime, or even 100 lifetimes. So, what's missing? Who replaced his story with this?

Original sin began when the first female took a bite of a juicy apple and grew very curious and ruined everything for everyone. The moral of the story is, women talk too much, ignorance is bliss and serpents are shady.

'Nice work, Eve.

Some christians see satan on my shoulder when they hear I practice astrology.
I see pious fear on their faces... "Should I flee or try to save her?"
Yeah, no. And I'd guess they're projecting.

whose shoulder?

Gnostic Cosmology
"Jesus [...] was sent from the pleroma, with whose aid humanity
can recover the lost knowledge of the divine origins of humanity."

"Historians have long neglected the important relationship between the Society of Jesus and astrology...[T]his article...highlights the many ways in which astrology was an important part of Jesuit scientific endeavors."

Early Christianity and Early Astrology

Decisive evidence of reincarnation

Maybe one day scientists, shrinks & preachers will come to know what astrologers have always known, and Jesus, too, that we have a heavenly instruction manual, Courtesy of the Creator. Just look up.

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