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No one knows you better than you know yourself, so no one is better qualified to analyze your birth chart. But since only astrologers can make sense of them, I designed the BirthPrint, an easy-to-read birth chart using color & graphics to come alive with meaning for all.

A birth chart & BirthPrint

A BirthPrint™ is the users' manual of the soul and all you need to know to read yours or anyone else's are 3 essential basics:

Imagine your mind is a melody. . .

PLANETS are the notes
ASPECTS are their arrangements
SIGNS are the instruments

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
~ Nikola Tesla

Planets define the frequencies of every person, place & thing;
Aspects define the conduits that blend and modify the frequencies;
Signs define the prism of elemental archetypes that color the frequencies.

Simple, Practical & Profound

The 10 planets, 6 aspects & 12 signs compose the 28 'letters' of the soul - the alphabet of energy that enables you to read any BirthPrint like an open book.

Planets, Aspects & Signs in a little more detail...


SUN: will ~ purpose ~ ego
MOON: emotion ~ intuition ~ instinct
MERCURY: intellect ~ reasoning ~ communication
VENUS: magnetism ~ desire ~ creative/procreative drive
MARS: assertion ~ will ~ physical/sexual drive
conscious frequencies

JUPITER: aspiration ~ faith ~ expansive
SATURN: ambition ~ discipline ~ contractive
subconscious frequencies

URANUS: deepers/higher intellect ~ ingenuity ~ evolution
NEPTUNE: deeper/higher desire ~ creativity ~ inspiration
PLUTO: deeper/higher will ~ regeneration ~ transformation
unconscious frequencies


CONJUNCTION: 0°: integrating; strengthening
SEXTILE: 60°: facilitating; balancing
SQUARE: 90°: frictional; challenging
TRINE:120°: harmonizing; mellowing
QUINCUNX: 150°: driving; frustrating
OPPOSITION: 180°: polarizing; unbalancing
[each aspect has a specific orb, from 2 to 9 degrees]


ARIES: impulsive ~ headstrong ~ independent [cardinal fire]
TAURUS: nurturing ~ sensual ~ loyal [fixed earth]
GEMINI: communicative ~ mercurial ~ highstrung [mutable air]
CANCER: sensitive ~ moody ~ nurturing [cardinal water]
LEO: strong-willed ~ creative ~ affectionate [fixed fire]
VIRGO: analytical ~ practical ~ hard-working [mutable earth]
LIBRA: artistic ~ idealistic ~ charming [cardinal air]
SCORPIO: intense ~ private ~ passionate [fixed water]
SAGITTARIUS: philosophical ~ optimistic ~ adventuresome [mutable fire]
CAPRICORN: ambitious ~ determined ~ competitive [cardinal earth]
AQUARIUS: inventive ~ rebellious ~ independent [fixed air]
PISCES: imaginative ~ intuitive ~ sensitive [mutable water]

Planets define the frequencies of your psyche; they're connected by aspects [conduits] at specific degrees of distance, that blend & modify their frequencies. Each planet inhabits a zodiac sign that infuses it with elemental color.

Your BirthPrint vividly displays the planets, aspects & signs like a personal mandala. It isn't who you are but how your eternal spirit operates in this lifetime. It's how you perceive & influence the world and the world perceives & influences you.

Your inner planets form aspects [conduits] to others' inner planets and define your unique relationship chemistry. . .

Your stationary planets within form aspects to the moving planets above, creating uniquely shifting possibilities on your journey through the ocean of time and space. 'To everything there is a season...'

Planetary frequencies are the engine of consciousness, matter and everything under the Sun. Planets, Aspects & Signs are the essential parts and easily mapped to reveal your experience of yourself, your relationships and your lifelong dance with the music of the spheres. Where would we be without simple, profound systems to guide our evolution?

PLANETS: The frequencies within
ASPECTS: Blend & modify the frequencies within
SIGNS: Infuse the frequencies with elemental color;

PLANETS: The frequencies of each psyche
ASPECTS: Blend & modify the frequencies between the psyches
SIGNS: Color the frequencies with elemental archetypes;

PLANETS: The frequencies of your place in time
ASPECTS: Blend & modify the frequencies from above to within
SIGNS: Color the frequencies with elemental archetypes.

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A Natal BirthPrint requires an exact birth time to calculate the ascendant and planetary house placements.

A Solar BirthPrint does not require an exact birth time and cannot calculate the ascendant or planetary house placements; the houses are a silent backdrop.

Both Natal & Solar BirthPrints display the Planets, Aspects & Signs; and though a Natal BirthPrint is ideal, a Solar BirthPrint is deeply enlightening; there's no good reason to let the lack of a birth time keep you in the celestial dark.


Order #1: Solar BirthPrint $20
Order #2: Solar BirthPrint & 2-page personal analysis: $50
Order #3: Natal BirthPrint: $30
Order #4: Natal BirthPrint & 3-page personal analysis: $75
A Natal BirthPrint requires an exact birth time

Each Order is displayed on a personal page that includes an overview of astrology and instructions on how to begin to read your own BirthPrint.. The link to the page is emailed to the recipient.

And if you order only a BirthPrint, you can add an analysis anytime:
Solar BirthPrint 2-page analysis: $30
Natal BirthPrint 3-page analysis: $45

Making a purchase is a two-step process:

Email me the Order # and recipient's name & birth data:
birthdate: month/day/year
birthplace: town/state/country
birthtime: exact or approximate
[if birth time is unknown, noon will be used]

Post your payment to:, at:

PayPal protects your credit card data better than I can

You'll receive your order within 2-5 days of placing it.
[overnight orders when possible, by request; no extra $; BirthPrints only]

Please email me with questions if I'm less clear than I think.

The ascendant is the sign on the horizon at the time of birth, the rising sign. Your ascendant/rising sign is your persona, which may compliment, mask or clash with your planetary frequencies.

Your ascendant/rising sign requires an exact time of birth - even a few minutes off can give false information. It also determines which houses your planets occupy. Each house defines specific life issues and those your planets occupy are a major focus in your life.

Though the ascendant & houses are enlightening in analysis, they're not essential information. Only the Planets Aspects & Signs are essential and can be calculated without a known birth time. All but the Moon move one degree or less a day, while the Moon moves 12 degrees a day; so using a noon birth time may be off by up to 6 degrees, but usually less. Not ideal, but workable.

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
~ T.S. Eliot

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