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my baby sister, bless her saturnian heart

All BirthPrints & Analyses are computer-facilitated, not generated.

Solar BirthPrints
do not require a birth time
do not display the ascendant
the houses are a silent backdrop

Natal BirthPrints
require an exact birth time
display the ascendant [or rising sign]
the planets reside in their proper houses

OPTION #1: Solar BirthPrint $20
OPTION #1b: Solar BirthPrint & 2-page analysis: $40

OPTION #2: Natal BirthPrint: $30
OPTION #2b: Natal BirthPrint & 3-page analysis: $60

Once you order a BirthPrint, you can order an analysis at any time;
2 page solar analysis: $20; 3 page natal analysis: $30

Photo included by request at no charge; you receive w/& without...

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BirthPrint Option #
birth date: day/month/year
birthplace: town/state/country
birthtime: exact or approximate
[if birth time is unknown, noon will be used]
photo, if desired

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[rush requests are honored when possible]

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The ascendant [or rising sign] is the sign on the horizon at the time
of birth and requires an exact birth time to calculate - just a few minutes off can give false information. Your ascendant is your persona, which may compliment, cloak or frustrate your planetary frequencies.

Your ascendant also determines which houses your planets occupy on the wheel of life. Each house indicates specific life issues and those your planets occupy have heightened significance.

The ascendant & houses are illuminating and instructive, but they're not essential information. Only the Planets Aspects & Signs are essential and can be calculated without a known birth time.*

* Only the Moon moves more than one degree a day, moving 12 degrees daily [a degree every 2 hours] So if the exact or approximate birthtime is unknown, noon is used and the Moon may be
up to 6 degrees off, but generally less. So aspects to the Moon with less than a 6 degree
orb usually won't be included. Not ideal, but workable.

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