My Pelham Property & Business

374, 376 & 378 Daniel Shays Highway
Route 202 in Pelham, MA
just 10 scenic minutes to Amherst Center

Floor plan - click image to enlarge..

5350 sq ft on 4+ acres
3 attached buildings with separate addresses
# OF ROOMS: 17
# OF BATHROOMS: 5 - 3 full, 2 half

BUSINESS has 3 rooms: cafe, lounge & kitchen - w/ handicap accessible bathroom. It was built in the 1930s and was completely rehabbed in 2007. Its potential rental income per month is $1100-$1200.

FRONT APARTMENT has 5 rooms: lg livingroom, kitchen & 3 bedrooms - w/ 1/2 bath and full bath. It was built in 1910 and moved from the Quabbin and reconstructed in the 1930s and rehabbed in 2007.

BACK ATTACHED HOUSE has 9 rooms: lg livingroom, lg kitchen, sitting room, laundry room & 4 bedrooms - w/ 2 full baths. It was built as an add-on in 1979 and was partially rehabbed in 2007.

The entire yard is fenced, for privacy and child safety

Down the page are 90 photos of the property, so you can scroll down to view or click the photo links below to see something specific..

cafe photos

lounge photos

front apartment photos

attached house photos

outside photos

bellydance photos

before & after photos

This is a unique property in beautiful, historic Pelham, the home of Daniel Shays & Shays Rebellion. The cafe is proudly named for the Rebellion.

It's the best of both worlds, with the busy country highway serving the business while the serenity of the country surrounds you. Look on a Google map - 3+ miles of 'accidental wilderness', the Quabbin Reservoir, stretch out ahead, with only the highway to divide you. Live happily where you work while the 2nd apt pays the mortgage. Just think, no commute! Living here has been a joy, with the evenings full of the sounds of enchanted woods and a brilliant starry sky, and the days full of interesting people stopping by on their way to wherever.

The front building was completely renovated in 2006-7 & includes a new red metal roof, a new back roof & new heater, wiring, plumbing, walls, insulation & electric throughout. The commercial space has a long and colorful history, going back over half a century. And all who serve their customers well, flourish here.

The parking lot holds up to 20 cars, with high visibility and lots of traffic from morning til night. The property is across the road from Quabbin Reservoir, and just 1/4 mile from the Pelham Overlook and the Old Pelham Town Hall, the oldest continually used town hall in the country and a popular tourist site. The property is also just 5 minutes from Gate 8 - a fisherman's haven.

Located on scenic route 202, in the 'happy valley' on the edge of the enchanting Quabbin woods, the cafe attracts both regulars and those just passing through. Route 202 is popular with travelers, sightseers, leafpeepers, bike and cycle riders and the like, as well as those traveling from Boston and points north, heading to and from Amherst, Northampton and the colleges.

The kava bar/lounge has a 10x20 ft Hubble mural of the Orion Nebula that Buzz Aldrin would envy. Rebel Cafe is the first eatery in New England to serve fresh kava, which is growing in popularity as a mildly euphoric alternative to alcohol, so it's especially appealing to the under 21 college crowd. And the cafe is just a few minutes from UMass, so it's a perfect fit. Kava is made from the root of piper methysticum, which means 'intoxicating pepper', popular in Hawaii and the Polynesian Islands for thousands of years.

The exciting moment the sign went up..

Come on inside..

The cafe appeals to all ages & species..

The view out of the cafe kitchen..

The view into the cafe kitchen -
behind the green door is the front apartment kitchen..

One exceptionally busy day..

and another (see the lush Quabbin woods across the road)..

'Where's the beer?'..

The kava lounge..

Weekly lessons and monthly bellydance performances were held throughout the summer by local dance instructor Attar Mellea and her troupe - needless to say, it was a big hit..

Some of the dancers chilling after the show

The lounge is a hit with the yoga crowd, too..

Brazilian drum master Ricardo Frota held a weekly drum circle through the summer that was great fun..

and the mic is always open..

And just for fun, here's a before & after, from general store to Rebel Cafe, compliments of John Rathbun, who transformed it inside & out..

Some views of the 2 residences..

front apartment
(below: the magenta door of the kitchen leads to the cafe kitchen, for the shortest commute EVER)..

back attached house (which is so private most people don't even know it's there..

The property has 3 full baths & 2 half baths, which is great - if you're not the one with the scrubby brush.. I'm averse to posting bathroom pix, but you may be curious, so here are 3 of 5..

And I can't neglect to mention the alpacas who live next door with Mr & Mrs Sweet. They like carrots and apples - watch your fingers..

And speaking of Quabbin, here's a link to The Most Amazing Nature Photographer in the World, Patrick Zephyr - and he's local! Here's just a taste of his work, where he captures the full beauty of this area..

Pink Morning, Quabbin Reservoir

Autumn Fog, Pelham, MA

Winter Gold, Pelham, MA

Autumn Cairns, Pelham, MA

'Emerging', Quabbin Reservoir & 'First Snow', Pelham, MA

'Levels', Pelham, MA & 'Fire in the Sky', Quabbin Reservoir

Quabbin Overlook & 'Reaching', Quabbin Reservoir

See? Amazing!



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